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Clinic Management System


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Clinic Management System, or CMS for short, is a piece of HealthTech software that assists medical staff members like doctors, nurses, and clinic assistants in better managing their clinics, increasing clinic efficiency, streamlining clinic operations, accurately billing patients, lowering costs and staff manual labour, and improving care for patients. In order for doctors to give their patients the best possible care and treatment, they must have access to superior clinic management software, which is essential to a clinic’s daily operations. You should use UNO CMS as your clinic software.

About of Clinic Management System Software

The smooth and quick flow of patients through the office is the main goal of independent medical practises. According to research, one of the largest problems small clinics confront is balancing cost effectiveness with practise expansion and patient happiness. Rapid patient growth without proper scaling up of supporting technologies eventually creates gaps that result in subpar patient care, extended AR cycles with insurers, and ineffective operations.

The “Clinic Management System” that Swifnix offers to its clients will change how clinics and independent medical practises are run. The CMS solution intends to expedite the clinic’s patient lifecycle, provide accurate claims, and lower no-show rates.

Administrative duties including appointment scheduling, drug and item inventory, bookkeeping, and human resource management (HRM) may now be kept under tight control with the push of a button. CMS makes sure that doctors are free to concentrate on their main goals, which are to treat patients promptly and with high-quality care.

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Types of Clinic Management System Software

Cloud-based Clinic Management Software


Numerous advantages of cloud-based clinic management software can help you save both time and money. In addition to being simple to set up, cloud-based patient management systems are now being discovered by doctors to truly minimise their overhead expenses.

Due to its versatility, cloud-based clinic management software enables clinicians to swiftly and cost-effectively add new patients, users, and various locations.

Since numerous providers utilise the same system, duplicate costs are reduced, if not entirely eliminated, and practises benefit from economy of scale when using cloud-based clinic management software.

On-Premise Clinic Solution


CMS is a 100% web based powerful On-Premise Clinic Management Software, which will be installed on the client’s web server. Through this implementation system, the business will have complete control over the server and the software. Accessible anytime, anywhere. From your computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Key Features of Clinic Management Software

Appointment & Scheduling
The software has a thorough scheduling function that enables hospitals to flexible schedule doctor visits.
Online appointment
Empower patients to book appointments anytime with 24/7 online booking system. Reduce no-show rates by sending appointment reminders through SMS.
Patient Medical Reports
Doctors can create medical reports based on their diagnoses and prescribed treatments thanks to clinic management software.
Easy integration with net banking, credit cards, debit cards, UPI, or digital wallets with our payment gateway.
Track vitals
Enter, manage and track the vitals of patients on a daily or even hourly basis with the help of digital health tools. Helps in effective disease management by having vitals and medical records in one place.
The doctor can enter prescription information from a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet and securely transmit the prescription to the pharmacies or share it with patients directly during the consultation.
Clinic administration
Clinic administrators have the privilege to manage doctors' schedules and patients’ appointments.
Treatment scheduler
Treatment Planner allows clinics to plan therapies that require multiple visits.
Reporting & finances
Create a customized invoice with clinic information and logo. Record payments, and manage and trac invoices with ease.


What function does the clinic management system serve?

Managing the medical, financial, administrative, legal, and compliance aspects of a medical clinic’s operations is done through an integrated information system called a clinic management system. Business intelligence, revenue cycle management, and electronic health records are all part of it.

Can you briefly explain how a clinic management system can help me?

A clinic management system will automate your everyday operations, easily and quickly record your clinical actions, give you hassle-free and rapid accounting, and greatly improve the organisation of your day. As a result, your patients will see your practise as being more professional and confident. You will eventually build up a fantastic patient database that you can use for clinical data analysis and expert marketing.

Does the clinic management system live up to its boast that it can generate prescriptions in less than 60 seconds?

That much is true. With the help of our clinic management system, you may design your own pre-defined prescription profiles. In just a few clicks, the patient can receive these. Additionally, without any additional effort, these automatically become a part of the patient’s consultation records.

My specialty clinic is here. Will the clinic management system still work for me?

Yes, you can utilise the clinic administration system for all of the clinic’s typical tasks. Our clinic management software now offers speciality modules for cardiology, gynaecology, ophthalmology, neurology, orthopaedic, and ENT, depending on your area of expertise. If a necessary specialisation is not currently included in the clinic management system software, we can modify it to include features specific to your specialty.

Are my patients' information and other data secure?

Swifnix was built on a safe foundation. To keep the information about your patients secure, we have invested a lot of time in establishing a strong security system.

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