Coaching Management Solution

Coaching Management Solution


one-stop shop for your coaching business. Everything you require in order to deliver your coaching, expand your business, and streamline your administration. Everything is at your fingertips thanks to our completely integrated coaching software!

Learn about an all-encompassing coaching management system that enables instructors, trainers, coaching schools, etc. to digitise and provide their courses online. For the convenience of tutors and students alike, our coaching institute administration software may be used to hold online tests, deliver lessons in a live classroom setting, and handle other crucial parts of a coaching institute.

About of Coaching Management System Software


For managing and expanding coaching classes and institutions, our software is the ideal choice. Automation of registration, batch allocation, auto attendance, sending Absent SMS to parents, test result management, and many other functions is made possible with the aid of this software. To put it briefly, it assists in managing Students, Teachers, Courses, Batches, Fees, Attendance, and Marks.

This software offers simple reports on a variety of topics, including payments collected daily, weekly, and monthly, unpaid fees, grades, and attendance. To manage your business, more than 40 reports are accessible with only one click. New reports on ID cards and student data have recently been introduced for parent counselling, follow-up information, payments, attendance, marks, and other purposes.

CMS was created after gathering specifications from numerous universities in various domains. Over time, the software has incorporated a lot of functionality in response to customer requests.

Start your coaching business with the all-in-one coaching platform.

Some of the amazing benefits of the coaching management system.

Reducing the workload of tutors

Any company operates more efficiently when each job's workload is kept to a minimum. An online coaching management system reduces manual processes associated with routine paperwork to only data entry.

Student lifetime data

Administrators can monitor student data thanks to the system. From the time of registration to the day the student departs the coaching centre, it controls the actual data of the student's life.

Better student-tutor relations

The interaction between students and teachers is improved via an integrated coaching management system. It makes it possible for educators and students to communicate anytime, anywhere.

Increasing productivity

A comprehensive tuition management system increases efficiency by automating labor-intensive and complex tasks including creating timetables, managing attendance, and facilitating parent-tutor communication.

Security of data

The provision of a system that keeps data on a safe platform is essential for administrators, and college erp software delivers just that. A special web-based server is set up by the system to keep track of all activities and guarantee that the data is highly safe.

Multi login accessibility

Each student and instructor has access to the software's features, as does the administrator. Coaching management makes it quicker and simpler to handle the entire coaching system.

Key Features and Functionality of Coaching Management Software

Enquiry Management

Send a student inquiry and track your calls or follow-ups. To acquire inquiries from other platforms, use the lead generation page.

Student Management

Manage the student's personal and academic information. Take attendance of students using a smartphone app or a biometric device. Give students access to assignments.

Staff Management

Manage your staff's records, and provide them with screen privileges and action rights for complete security when they log in and use the smart courses system.

Fee Management

a comprehensive fee management tool that enables you to control every charge-related procedure, including discounts, instalment payments, GST or no GST, receipt generation, refunds, automatic fee reminders, and status tracking.

Exam Management

Conduct MCQ examinations for students online. Provide answers and outcomes right away. Maintain records for physical or manual exam marks and monitor all of the students' academic progress for each subject.

Online teaching software

On our interactive whiteboard teaching platform/tool, take live classes online. A white board teaching tool, video & document presentation, screen sharing, and class recording are all included in the online teaching system.

Share Digital Courses

Create and securely submit your online courses in the form of videos or papers, then share them with students.

Send SMS/Notifications

Parents and students can be notified by automatic or manual SMS or mobile app push notifications. The system will provide notifications for every procedure, including registration, attendance, payment, exam, and many more.

Expense Management

Manage every spending for your coaching centre with an expense header, and keep tabs on your yearly profit and loss. An expense report will assist you in reducing wasteful spending.

Automatic Certificate Generator

Certificates for students' course or exam completion can be generated automatically in bulk. Print the certificate using any printer after downloading it in pdf format.

Analysis Reports

Track the overall performance of your students as well as the development of your educational institution using various analysis reports. Analyze expenses, the increase of student inquiries and conversions, and many other things with ease.

Mobile App

Control tuition classes' whole daily schedule from any location and on any device. Students can complete all actions using their mobile app, including taking online MCQ examinations, attending live classes, and checking exam, fee, and attendance results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a coaching management system?

It is software that runs on the web and simplifies all administrative and storage needs for class management and teaching. The top online coaching platform from Swifnix assists you in fully managing students, batches, courses, fees, teachers, attendance, and much more.

How to locate the top coaching class management programme.

Every need to effectively automate your school and enable seamless operation is taken care of by a solid coaching management system. When selecting coaching management software, keep the following important characteristics in mind:
● Easy Administration
● Enquiry management
● Multi-branch handling

How is a coaching institute run?

Through the use of online coaching software, management of a coaching institute is now made simple and hassle-free. The software makes it simple to handle instructors, pupils, classes, batches, attendance, fees, tests, grades, and much more.

What do Software coaches use?

Because it offers so many cutting-edge features and is customisable, Coaching Management Solution is one of the most used programmes by coaches. All the necessary coaching tools are integrated by the coaching management solution for simple and improved performance. The programme helps the coaches finish their daily work and manage their leads and clients in a methodical way. The ideal scheduling aid for a coach, providing a hassle-free experience, is coaching management software.

Which app is best for online coaching classes?

This is one of the leading choices for coaching classes management software in India. Here are a few important features that you cannot miss while selecting the software-

● Online/ Offline Fees management
● Multi-branch handling
● Live online classes
● Exams & Digital assignments
● Student administration
● Custom Domain

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