Hospital Management Solution

Hospital Management Solution



we provide complte heakth care solution for big /mediun/ small hospital and’s extremely important to use the right software to bring in more efficiency in the management for hospitals, clinics and doctors, and satisfying patients with a speedy service. it helps deliver superior healthcare delivery for doctors, clinics and hospitals.

Smart HRM

Swifnix Provide the best Healthcare solution for your needs, with Our Smart HMS , regular use of a Hospital Management System, administration in the hospital relies less on paper and more on software. This reduces the need to preserve records in paper files and rely more and more on software system.
Smart HMS is a system enabling hospitals to manage information and data related to all aspects of healthcare – processes, providers, patients, and more, which in turn ensures that processes are completed swiftly and effectively.

Reduced human intervention for paperwork, less paperwork, reduced staff headcount for jobs that can be easily managed within the HMS, speedier processes, reduction of errors, and data privacy and safety.Our full-scale healthcare software development services cycle covers all software development phases – from ideation to development and deployment to upgrade.

Our unique capabilities help overcome various challenges like ensuring compliance to regulations of HIPAA, HITECH & SSAE and seamless integration with third-party systems viz. Drug Information Databases, Clinical Decision Support Software & Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs.

our delivery promise enables our clients to be at peace knowing that their customer data and intellectual property are well protected.

Leverage our digital health software development expertise to provide better patient care

Smart HRM Solutions That Drive Value-based Care

Custom IPD/OPD Solution


Building and Configuring Interoperable IPD / OPD Solutions


IPD Management

A complete Journey of patient, right from admission to payment and discharge. It also enables patient registration and Bed management.

OPD Management

Basically termed as Outpatient Department, it is a complete hospital information system that focuses on  Outpatients registration, treatments, billing, and reporting with details of patient information.


Healthcare Survey & Assessment Solution


Assess Patient Experiences Across Facilities With Real-Time Insights & Advanced Features


We install healthcare survey software as a healthcare application development firm to evaluate care coordination, patient experience, and workflow efficiency.

With capabilities including but not limited to, our proficiency in developing AI-based survey and evaluation solutions, firms are in a far better position to achieve high customer satisfaction.


Online Pharmacy & Drug Supply Chain Management Solution


Accelerating Inventory Efficiency and Convenience through Medicine Delivery App Development


The connections between online pharmacies, patients, and healthcare organisations are made simpler by a full online pharmacy app development and medicine distribution solution. They can now exchange patient details, validate transactions, and make safe payments thanks to this. The following elements are essential if you’re seeking for a similar solution:

Features of Hospital Management Software

Central integrated smart calendar for your doctor's appointment.
Create bills, collect payments and give printed receipts.
Electronic Medical/Health Records
Digitize all health records.
Create a paperless lab - from sample taking to sending reports by email and SMS.
Create integrated pharmacy. Record stocks, issue bills and maintain accounts
In Patient Management
Manage beds, admissions, integrated billing, nursing station and automatic discharge summary.
Store And Inventory
Purchase, Store, Distribute your inventory and track every item.


What Model is Hospital Management Solution sofware available in ?

Hospital Management Solution is available in both “On Premise” and “On Cloud” models.

What is Configuration i require ?

On Premise: You require a PC with minimum 4GB RAM and a Windows OS (preferably Windows 8 or above) and require a Chrome Browser. We will install the software on your machine. It does take a minimum of 1 days effort to complete this.On Cloud: You just require a Chrome Browser and an internet access. We create an account for you on the cloud and you are ready to go in a minute.

I want to test the software out before buying it.?

Sure. Before making a purchase, we want every one of our clients to test the software. – Request a free demo. You will be given a tour of the software by our sales staff. – You will then be given a test trial account to use for a period of seven days. – The choice is then yours to make.

What is the primary goal of the hospital management system?

A hospital management system is a computer system that facilitates in the efficient execution of the jobs of healthcare practitioners and helps manage information connected to health care. They oversee the data for all healthcare departments, including clinical. Financial.

What elements must a hospital management system have?

Complete patient information is registered with the aid of the hospital administration system. It records and keeps track of the patient’s medical background, the necessary treatments, information about prior visits, any planned appointments, reports, insurance information, and more. It lessens the necessity of collecting this information at each visit.

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