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Organize orders. Follow the stock. billing for GST. Control warehouses. Run all of your inventory processes using a single inventory management programme.

The management of inventories requires careful balancing. You must be aware of what is on hand, which orders are being placed, and when you might need to place further orders. InFlow is the software you need if you struggle to manage your inventory and orders.When creating a system for monitoring and controlling your inventory, especially as your firm grows, inventory management software is a need.

About of Inventory Management System Software


The majority of experts advise using cloud-based inventory management software today. With cloud-based software, you don’t need to hire an IT team, maintain servers, or create your own cybersecurity strategy. Instead, software that runs on the cloud is handled by the software company, so picking a provider that upholds good standards of service is crucial. When picking a reliable vendor partner, cloud-based software typically comes as a monthly subscription, which considerably lessens the work involved in operating the programme.

Inventory control is the process of keeping track of the goods as they enter and leave your storefronts and storage facilities. Inventory management software contains capabilities to facilitate this operation. They have characteristics that might support you in always keeping the appropriate level of stock. They also have connectors that can automatically update your accounting software and track orders in real-time.

Inventory software covers your work from every angle and Boost your shelf confidence

Our inventory management software makes multichannel selling simple.



With a single login screen, manage your inventory. Because of this, managing stock movement will be simple for you.

Virtual Inventory Visibility – You can use the system’s virtual environment. It improves stock visibility across several warehouses.

Track Inventory Levels And Stockout – You can monitor stock levels using the automated system. Additionally, it helps you avoid stockouts.

Update Inventory Seamlessly – You can utilise the system to update your stock from warehouses, online and offline channels, and other sources.

Control Order Cancellations – 360-degree visibility is made possible by the strong stock sync. You may manage purchase cancellations using it as well.



Reduce operational costs by using a well-organized system. The order rate can also be adjusted with simplicity.

Reduce Overstocking Cost – You can analyse your overall stock volume using the robust reports. By doing so, you can cut down on the expense of overstocking.

Minimize Labour Cost – You can keep your operations structured using the programme. You can cut the cost of labour and lessen the likelihood of mistakes.

Save Stock Movement – You can plan out where your stock will be placed. By doing so, you can cut back on unnecessary movement and save time and money.

Optimize Routine Operations Cost – The coordinated approach eliminates the possibility of incorrect product distribution. By doing this, you can increase your company’s bottom line.




Take advantage of a platform with a wealth of features that can help you improve your operations. With reduced procedures, you also have the chance to broaden your horizons.

GST-Ready System – The inventory system is GST-ready out of the box. This enables you to achieve excellence and guarantee efficient order processing.

Efficient Scanning – The end-to-end barcoding system makes it simple to record minute details about your inventory. You may improve your items’ quality in this way.

Smooth SKU Management – With all ERPs, the SKU management software functions without a hitch. Any system modification can automatically be reflected in other ERPs.



By evaluating your performance at every stage, you may make informed judgments. The thorough reports also give you operational control.

Analyze The Latest Trends – The analytical dashboard enables you to examine the quickly shifting SKUs. You can also invest in the appropriate stocks thanks to it.

Determine The Price – You can decide on the price of the products more effectively based on the quickly shifting inventory.

Avoid Manual Error – You can prevent errors of any kind thanks to the precise dashboards and reports. Additionally, you can avoid paying for uncommon waste.

Features of Our Inventory Management Software

SKU/Item Level Bundling
Bundling allows you to introduce your product ranges in combo sets. As a result, you'll be able to reach more potential customers with your items.
Order Routing
Effectively manage orders for a certain sales channel. Additionally, you can regularly update and restock the supply.
Multichannel Price Control
Control the pricing adjustments for different sales channels. Utilize an uniform platform to update your stock volume.
Multi Location Sync
Utilize a system that will allow you to concentrate your inventory. Additionally, you'll be able to connect your goods across various warehouses using this.
Custom Alerts
Get notifications about your current workflow by monitoring stock-related data. Lower market risks like underselling.
Vendor Management
Give your vendors only a portion of your system's access. They will be allowed to examine their goods for free as a result.
Barcode Integration
Integrate a barcode system to capture stock information. By doing this, you can also guarantee efficient processing and returns.
ERP Integration
Control the operational flow with a solution that integrates with ERP. You will be able to reflect genuine goods that are offered for sale on marketplaces by doing this.
Easy Stock Rotation
Deal with the problems caused by ageing inventory. Establish the standards for frequent stock rotation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What software is required for inventory management?

Our inventory management programme offers both robust free and cost-effective paid plans. Inventory management is the greatest free solution for small businesses or startups because it allows you to add items, complete orders, and view inventory from any device.

How does the system of inventory management operate?

The tracking of each item after it enters the warehouse is subsequently made possible through inventory management. When stock is running low, it sends warnings and confirms revised stock quantities. Inventory management is in charge of keeping track of a finished product when it is produced until it is sold.

What benefits can an inventory management system provide to an online store?

A quick inventory management system is created by skilled programmers. The system has been expertly created to make it simple for E-Commerce enterprises to handle the challenges and difficulties that may repeatedly appear during the inventory and order procedures. Errors are quite unlikely because all the data is synced everywhere.

Does this solution work for my specialised industry?

why not It is a unique solution. It is our responsibility to customise it so that it meets your company’s needs. It improves the operations, which is more vital. Will it function across several stores? Clearly, our reliable solution works best for a variety of businesses, e-commerce platforms, and sales channels.

Will I receive monthly inventory reports?

You can set up our inventory management software to produce monthly inventory reports so you can stay informed about changes in your sales and adjust your marketing approach as necessary.

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