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We are experts in mobile app development and provide excellent Android apps. In the modern world, cellphones have taken over as the main method of getting online, and their popularity is growing. Modern iOS and Android apps are made by our team of talented developers for a wide audience. To reach potential clients efficiently as the market expands, advertising must be taken into account. When choosing this choice, keep the following in mind: Find your audience where they are. Facebook and other social media platforms are great places to advertise since that’s where your consumers spend the majority of their time. Additionally, a growing number of consumers are turning to app marketplaces for assistance, which presents a big opportunity for companies.


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How many developers are needed to develop an Android app?
One person merely can‘t have all the mandatory information and skill to create the complete app, particularly once the project is complicated. you'll need a mobile developer; a back-end developer; a DevOps specialist; a designer; a QA Specialist. That’s five individuals in total and that’s a vacant minimum. If you source your project to Associate in Nursing mechanical man app development company, you’ll be given a project manager to manage the event team and report back to you on the project progress. If you wish your project to maneuver quicker you'll have to be compelled to add a lot of developers. Having over one developer within the team helps loads throughout the code reviews. Developers will check their lines of code and realize problems that another developer may need incomprehensible.
How many hours does it take to develop an Android app?
The time it'll desire to build AN app depends on several factors just like the scope of the project, (features, the screen sizes that require to be supported), style (simple/basic/custom), testing (simple/middle-complexity/complex app). On average, it takes 400-600 hours to make a straightforward app, 600-800 hours to form a middle-complexity app, and 1000-1300 to develop a posh app.
Which tools are used for Android app development?
Every company has its own technical school stack that the tools can vary. In general, all corporations use a collection of programming languages, integrated development environments, and extra tools that facilitate the event method. you'll see what tools the SCAND team uses within the automaton Technologies Stack section.
What is required for Android app development?
You need a team of seasoned automaton developers WHO shrewdness to make high-quality apps with efficiency. And, of course, you wish a collection of clearly outlined business needs as a result of the project team has got to apprehend what they're building, why they're building it, and what to expect at the tip. If your business needs area unit poorly outlined, you risk obtaining one thing you didn’t expect. If you wish to facilitate shaping your business objectives, you'll get a free consultation from our specialists.


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We are up with all the latest trends, and technologies, we provide application development for numerous frameworks as well as languages. One can opt according to the requirement from the below

A mobile-first strategy is crucial in today’s society. We do this by using procedures that are focused on achieving results to produce user-friendly apps that provide outstanding value. Our enterprise-focused mobile app development seeks to satisfy the changing demands of your clients and boost overall productivity by putting the end-user experience first.

We provide the following services:

  • Design & Development
  • Deployment
  • Re-engineering & Migration


Our team has intensive expertise developing superior apps that are intuitive, secure, and responsive thus you’ll vie globally. we tend to work with the newest cross-platform technologies and platforms to fulfill the user demands and assist you to reach a far wider audience.

  • Xamarin
  • Flutter
  • React Native


Our team applies style thinking ideas to make sensible solutions to place your platform and security desires at the forefront. we tend to mix our business expertise with mobile technology experience to deliver custom native apps that vie on completely different platforms and devices.

  • iOS
  • Android

For lightweight, feature-rich mobile net apps, Swifnix code is your go-to partner. we tend not solely to perceive your business but must devise an answer that goes on top of and on the far side to wow your users. The team is well-versed in HTML5, jQuery, and Sencha bit app development. Apps that we tend to produce are highly responsive, user-centric, and utterly secure.

  • Single Page Apps (SPAs)
  • Progressive net Apps (PWAs)


Accelerate enterprise transformation whereas guaranteeing quality and reducing risk with our end-to-end app testing services. we tend to use proved testing frameworks across platforms to confirm that your apps are device-compatible, totally useful & supply seamless end-user expertise.

  • Automated Testing
  • Platform Testing
  • Functional Testing


Keeping your business objectives and timelines in mind, swifnix provides mobile app maintenance & support services that with efficiency cater to the ever-evolving market trends. we can assist you to maximize your app’s speed, quantifiability & security for higher ROI.

  • Performance optimization
  • Version Upgrade
  • App observation

We use highly experienced automaton consultants World Health Organization has numerous skill-sets in building enterprise automaton apps that perform swimmingly with the business operations.

We facilitate enterprises and start-ups kind and implement a profitable strategy to feature worth to the business and expand.


Value Coders, a number one custom automaton app development company, has 450+ consultants operating to make superior-quality, technologically driven, and customized automation applications

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Technologies We Deploy In Android App Development

Being a top-notch Android app development company, we integrate highly advanced and trending technologies to our Android app development solutions.

of Things
Artificial Intelligence
/Machine Learning

App Development Services

Seamless Mobile Experience On Any Platform

Our skilled development team offers complete services from conception to completion for well-known platforms like iOS and Android. They are well-versed in Native/Hybrid app development. Modern tools like Xamarin, React Native, Swift, Kotlin, and others are used by us.

Native Application

Native mobile apps can take advantage of hardware and software capabilities that are exclusive to particular mobile operating systems and devices since they are made to operate on those platforms. Because native applications offer a superior user experience, a highly secure environment, and access to device hardware and software functions like GPS, location tracking, and shaking detection, businesses prefer them.

  • Native apps provide intensive secure surroundings
  • Best-in-class user expertise with hi-end performance
  • Access to device hardware/software(GPS, location, shake, etc.)

Hybrid Application

Hybrid mobile apps use a single codebase to work with several mobile operating systems, like iOS, Android, etc. This effective method of development offers a quicker time to market, suitable performance, and simple application integration. Due to these benefits, many firms choose hybrid apps. Our agile methodology for app development services guarantees an easy and seamless procedure from beginning to end.

  • It is efficient with simple development
  • Faster time to plug with compatible performance
  • Offers simple integration with different application
  • App Development Services
  • We area unit Agile.

App Development Services

We Are Agile

We follow a systematic and organized approach in all our projects, from planning to production. Our agile development process allows clients to test a functional release every 2-3 weeks, with client feedback being incorporated at every phase to ensure swift and seamless development.

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