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Connect all project moving pieces to maximise effect and accelerate goal-achieving.Project management software is software used for project planning, scheduling, resource allocation and change management.


Swifnix is a leading project management tool for defining project-specific goals, estimating project scope, receiving regular feedback and updates, streamlining communication, creating a timetable, assigning work, and providing value to clients.

About of Project Management System Software


For hundreds of customers around the world, our cloud-based Project management solution provide first-rate collaboration with tools for project planning, workflow management, resource management, and time tracking throughout the whole work lifecycle.

We take pleasure in providing a platform for project management that doesn’t skimp on features or quality. This isn’t just a list of things to do. You may use the Gantt chart to schedule your work items, allocate resources, and divide your project activities into smaller chunks with just the free edition. We are a project management tool that is not only simple to use but also includes functionality to cover every facet of your job. We are the best project management software because of features like a thorough task management module, clear Gantt charts, effective resource allocation, and simple collaboration.

Connect all moving parts of your projects to drive impact and reach your goals faster.

Centralize and plan


Plan and centralise tasks from beginning to end.


Easily oversee numerous projects from a single location. To keep going forward, create personalised dashboards, assign collaborators, and comprehend risks and bottlenecks.

Streamline work


Streamline tasks so you can do your best work.


By automating project approvals and duties, you can save time. To quickly generate things for your boards and easily keep track of where everything stands, use customisable forms.



Effectively work with all stakeholders


Organize groups of people on a single platform. Projects can be advanced through bridging communication gaps, allocating resources, and providing real-time updates on developments.

Track and optimize


Keep an eye on your performance so you can make wise choices.


With simple, illustrative, and user-friendly project dashboards, you can keep track of the status of all of your projects at a glance and achieve your objectives.

Powerful features for every team’s needs

Gantt chart
Monitor the project's scope, schedule, dependencies, milestones, and key performance indicators.
Project dashboards
Use real-time, high-level data visualisation and access to make decisions more quickly and effectively on budgets, goals, schedules, resources, and other topics.
Workload view
Control team resources, prevent burnout, delegate tasks quickly, and adjust to shifting priorities.
To track and communicate progress on your projects, mark important checkpoints.
Inform all parties involved when their portion of the project is scheduled to start.
Establish your baseline so you can quickly compare your projected and actual project schedules and stay on course or make the required corrections.


What is Project Management Software?

Project management software automates task assignment, project tracking, and resource allocation for businesses. Project managers use project management tools to manage workflows, organize tasks, collaborate in a shared workspace, track assignments, as well as plan projects, manage programs, and track expenses.

What is Project Management Software Best For?

Businesses use project management software to streamline project management processes. Project management tools help with this by providing better collaboration, budget management, and allowing managers to view tasks allocated to resources that facilitate better project tracking across various teams.

What issues are resolved by project management software?

The most frequent issues in project management range from inadequate communication and scope creep to inefficient planning. However, all of these risks and problems can be mitigated or avoided by utilising a project management application.

Is software for project management required?

You can keep track of tasks and view them in relation to the overall project with the aid of project management software. You will have a clearer understanding of how they fit into the overall scheme and how they impact other activities that are yet unfinished, have developed into works in progress, or have already been finished.

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