Repair/Workshop Management System

Repair/Workshop Management System


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The Repairer – Repair/Workshop Management System was thoughtfully created to make managing any kind of repairshop or workshop simple. Actually, it’s a cutting-edge, user-friendly, and effective management solution that was created specifically for you. Just your dependable employee, please. You may handle repairs, customers, inventory, purchases, and other things using this web-based system.

About of Repair/Workshop Management System


Businesses that offer repair services, like auto repair shops, appliance repair shops, or handyman service providers, must deliver effective and frictionless customer experiences in order to maintain customer loyalty. They must manage day-to-day operations, plan and follow service claims, and work with specialists to get repairs done on schedule.

However, operations might be slowed down by repetitive jobs, administrative challenges, and out-of-date procedures. Software for repair management simplifies workflows, gets rid of manual and ineffective chores, and frees up service teams and technicians to concentrate on meeting and surpassing customer expectations while doing repairs on the spot.

Powerful, easy-to-use software to help you manage and complete repairs efficiently and on time.

Why choose of Repair/Workshop Management System?

Repair ticket management


Every repair request can have a service task created using Our Solution, complete with all necessary elements like description, location, status, priority, etc. Service managers and technicians can then have a comprehensive context for all of their service jobs in one location. We also provide omnichannel ticketing, which enables you to translate client requests from various channels into requests within the helpdesk, such as Email, Phone, Chat, or Social Media.

Single calendar view to schedule repairs


Powerful tools like the scheduling dashboard make it simple for dispatchers to monitor workloads, assign repair assignments to technicians, and prioritise tasks. Any task may be assigned to a technician by simply dragging and dropping it into an available time-slot on their calendar. Service Managers receive an integrated view of every field worker’s job schedule.

Field service management app for technicians

Field teams may handle their daily responsibilities while on the go with the help of the Swifnix mobile field service software. The app allows repair engineers access to all the crucial data they require, such as customer address, job date and time, contact information, etc. To aid technicians in their navigation, the app can also open directions to the customer’s location in any map programme.

Accurate time tracking for repairs


The time spent in the field can be calculated by technicians using the time tracking feature of the mobile app. Both the hours spent travelling and working on the project are included in this. Based on these time logs, service managers can produce timesheet reports, which they can then use to examine technician workloads, comprehend travel patterns, and gauge the difficulty of repairs.

Generate invoicing and reports


Within our solution, service managers can classify timesheet inputs into billable and non-billable hours. To generate invoice reports, we support interfaces with well-liked billing programmes like Quickbooks and Xero. To assist teams in identifying KPIs and bottlenecks, we also let you construct bespoke reports and dashboards based on different repair parameters.

Repair/Workshop Management System features for success

Customer Management
Online payment collection, report viewing, renewal reminders, and simple member communication are all made possible via integrated email and communication technologies.
Payment & Billing
Simple and secure access, automatic bill generation based on payment conditions, invoice creation, online payment acceptance, and payment tracking.
Appointment & Cost Management
Utilize flexible configuration options to customise your services and appointment policies. View the complete reservation and create service-specific discounts.
Customer Mobile App
Customers may register, schedule appointments, receive immediate confirmation, and pay online. Use the smartphone app to submit questions and service feedback.
Account & Finance Reporting
Organize salary, invoices, bills, and expenses. Make a cash flow, income, and balance sheet.
Inquiry Management
capture inquiries that are created from numerous sources, such as websites, references, and face-to-face meetings. Successfully follow up and get closer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use the Repair/Workshop Management System for digital inspections?

Yes, the Repair/Workshop Management System provides templates and built-in inspections that make it simple to create your own unique inspections.

Can Text Messages be Sent and Received by Repair/Workshop Management System?

Right within the Repair/Workshop Management System, you can simply share and receive messages, images, and videos with your customers via text and/or email. Every message is recorded on the work order and is accessible through the vehicle history.

Is Repair/Workshop Management System Cloud Based?

Yes, Repair/Workshop Management System can run in a public cloud or a private cloud.

Does Repair/Workshop Management System Have a Mobile App?

Yes, Repair/Workshop Management System can be installed on your iPhone or tablet, android phone or tablet.

Do I Have to Sign a Contract?

No, you don’t. We want FastTrak Auto Repair/Workshop Management System to be the last software application you purchase for your shop but you are free to cancel your subscription at any time with a 30-day notice.

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