The Top Frontend Frameworks in 2024

Frontend Frameworks

The Top Frontend Frameworks in 2024

All issues regarding the existing frontend frameworks are constantly being discussed in the frontend community. Which one offers the best developer experience, which one has the nicest community, etc.

Which of them is in more demand and which is highest paid by real job offers will be demonstrated in this article by DevJobs Scanner. DevJobs Scanner examined around 250k frontend positions between January 1, 2021, and March 31, 2022. (6 months).

All of these positions come from reputable websites, including Dice, Linkedin, Glassdoor, RemoteOk, and many others.

let’s see what the data tells us ?

Which is the Most Demanded Frontend Frameworks?

React is the most popular frontend framework, according to our analysis of 250k+ frontend job offers over the course of six months, which resulted in 136k job offers.

Angular is in second position, with 76k offers altogether. Vue was in third place, with 17k offers. All other front-end frameworks, including Svelte, Solid.js, Alpine, and Backbone, are represented by “Others.” Despite the fact that some of them are currently highly popular, the demand for actual employment offers is rather low.

In this chart below we can see the percentage of frontend job offers for each frontend framework:

In the above chart we can see that:

  • ~58% choose to use React.
  • ~32% choose to use Angular.
  • ~7% choose to use Vue.

Note: All frontend job offers that called for a frontend framework are represented by this data. A small portion of job offers for frontend positions do not include any frontend framework requirements and are not included in this dataset.

Do different countries want different Frontend Framework?

What happens if we divide those job offers for frontend frameworks by nations? Can it really make a difference? We’ve divided the front-end job offers by country in the figure below:

There is a predicted React dominance in the majority of countries, although certain European nations do not exhibit this trend. Take France as an example, where the proportion of Angular and React positions is almost equal.

Also in France, Vue receives a 16% market share, which is significantly more than its 7%.

Spain and Germany are also very disruptive. There are other nations that have placed substantial bets on React, like Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Which Frontend Frameworks offers more positions for juniors than for seniors or lead/architects?

For each frontend framework, the number of Junior, Senior, and Lead/Architect roles is shown in the aforementioned chart (take note that positions without any of those titles were eliminated).

With the bulk of positions being categorised as “Senior,” it appears that there is little distinction between React and Vue. The situation is different with Angular job offers, where a little over a quarter of Angular positions (with one of the keywords Junior, Senior, or Lead/Architect) featured the keyword Lead or Architect.

It is difficult to speculate as to why this occurs on Angular job offers, however it may be related to the fact that this framework supports larger apps that may need Lead or Architect profiles, or to anything else in the community that tends to define these positions as Lead or Architect.

Which Frontend Framework has the highest salary?

The highest paid Frontend Frameworks is React, with an average yearly compensation of $106,000. Vue and Angular, with yearly salaries of about $93k and $92k, respectively, were in second and third place. React outperforms Vue and Angular, which both have comparable salaries, by earning roughly $13k more annually.

You can check the current top paid jobs by frontend framework below ?

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It is obvious that React will rule the frontend framework market in early 2022. Nearly 58% of all frontend job offers that mention a frontend framework mention React. With an average yearly compensation of $106,000, React is also the best paid frontend framework.

Having said that, Angular also provides a lot of career opportunities. This, together with the current low interest that the StateOfJs2021 reported (16% only), may make it a pretty good option, albeit with React’s potential superior competency. If one is just beginning their frontend development path, those facts could be interesting to take into account.

Vue is a fantastic framework that is very well-liked, but alas there aren’t many positions available. Instead of starting with Vue as the primary frontend framework, I would advise starting with React or Angular and switching to Vue later, if necessary.

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